February 16, 2017

New videos investigating Planned Parenthood show why today’s House vote on H.J. Res.43 is an important victory for states’ rights to spend taxpayer dollars on community health centers that provide comprehensive care, rather than channeling money to the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics.  Planned Parenthood has been embroiled in controversy since the 2015 release of sting videos revealing its involvement in the ghoulish marketing and sale of fetal body parts, including fetal brains, livers, and hearts.  The undercover videos — that were verified by forensic analysis – show its top doctors callously discussing such topics as “using a less crunchy technique to get more whole specimens” and payments “big enough that it is worthwhile.”  In the wake of these revelations, many states rushed to redirect taxpayer dollars to community health clinics that actually offer complete prenatal care, mammograms, and other services not offered at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, and outnumber them 20:1.  The Obama Administration issued regulations prohibiting states from doing so, and today’s action in the House would rescind those regulations.” TCA Senior Policy Advisor, Maureen Ferguson