April 3, 2017

“As Judge Gorsuch’s nomination moves out of committee, it’s time for the senate to grant him the up or down vote that he deserves and that the American people want. Polling has consistently found that the American people like Judge Gorsuch and want to see him confirmed as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. It’s impossible to argue with his qualifications or his integrity. Any senator still trying to oppose him betrays him or herself as a pure partisan standing in the way of good governance. The people spoke in this election, and they want Neil Gorsuch confirmed. It’s time for the senate to respect the wishes of the people.” Senior Fellow, Ashley McGuire

“In keeping with longstanding Senate tradition for Supreme Court nominees passed out of Committee, Judge Neil Gorsuch deserves an up or down vote in the Senate this week. His qualifications are beyond dispute with The American Bar Association unanimously awarding Judge Gorsuch its highest rating of “well qualified” for serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. It would be a travesty for a nominee such as Gorsuch, who is supported by a bi-partisan majority of Senators,  to be delayed by a small partisan faction within the Senate. The legislative branch should join with the newly-elected President so that the American people, who want swift action in this matter, have a full-functioning Supreme Court.” Policy Advisor, Grazie Christie