Today, senators will vote on one of the most radical pieces of abortion legislation to ever come before the U.S. Senate, the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA).

The WHPA would legalize abortion on demand all the way to the moment of birth, despite the 71% of Americans who consistently and overwhelmingly want some form of abortion restrictions.

It would also nullify state laws limiting abortion, including laws that protect babies from excruciating pain during an abortion, informed consent laws and anti-discrimination laws.

Two senior fellows at The Catholic Association, Ashley McGuire and Maureen Ferguson, reacted to the approaching vote with public statements, included below.

“In pushing the Women’s Health Protection Act, the Democrats show that their pro-abortion extremism knows no bounds. The law, if passed, would override the will of the people in every state that has passed, through legislative means, commonsense protections for women and babies. Those protections boast strong support, even among independents and Democrats, majorities of whom do not support the late-term barbaric abortions this proposed law enshrines. The move to bring the Act for a vote shows that the party is whipped by the abortion lobby and has lost touch with voters and reality. The only thing more tragic than abortion is a party so committed to it that they would so brazenly override the overwhelming desire of Americans to have a say on the issue.” Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association

“The Senate returned to Washington today and its first order of business is not dealing with the crises abroad nor the pressing issues at home, but rather to vote on the most extreme, undemocratic abortion bill ever introduced in Congress. The Women’s Health Protection Act is Roe vs. Wade on steroids. It would override every limit on abortion everywhere in the country, including limits on late-term abortion, parental consent laws, and conscience protections for doctors and nurses who do not wish to participate in abortions. It is shocking, tone deaf, and tragic that this inhumane bill remains a top priority for Senate Democrats.” Maureen Ferguson is a Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association.