On May 11 the Senate will vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act, one of the most radical pieces of abortion legislation ever proposed.

Two senior fellows from The Catholic Association, Maureen Ferguson and Ashley McGuire, have reacted to the upcoming vote with the statements below.

The abortion extremism of the Democratic Party is on full display with their second attempt to pass the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act. The bill isn’t about women’s health. It’s an attempt to preempt the Supreme Court from returning the issue of abortion to the states and giving the voters a voice on the matter for the first time in 50 years. The party has a single-minded obsession with maintaining our outdated and barbaric abortion laws and with ensuring voters have no input on one of the most divisive and consequential political matters of our time. Its ensured failure just makes that much clearer that Democrats aren’t even trying to hide that their abortion agenda has come totally unhinged from the will of the people. They are blinded by their death lust.

– Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association

“For 50 years, the abortion lobby has relied on unelected judges to impose abortion on demand. Tomorrow, elected representatives of the people will vote on a bill to enshrine a federal right to abortion. It is telling that the bill will fail to pass. In a democracy, elected leaders tend to reflect the will of the people. And the truth is, the majority of American people recognize abortion for the tragedy that it is. Most know it’s a baby, not a clump of cells. Most know women suffer from abortion and deserve a better solution in challenging situations. And most do not want abortion celebrated as an unrestricted and absolute right.”

– Maureen Malloy Ferguson, Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association.

Additionally, Maureen criticized Senator Bob Casey’s increasingly radical abortion views in her op ed, “Sen. Casey, Democrats, Abandon Pro-life roots.