“We applaud the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and hail it as a great day for our nation.  A sober and fair minded intellectual committed to the letter of the law and not to his own opinion, Judge Gorsuch is a fitting replacement for the late great Justice Scalia. Our Constitution makes it possible for people of faith to thrive and prosper in this country, and has been a sturdy framework for the religious liberties we enjoy.  A Supreme Court justice, like Judge Gorsuch, who understands and values our founding documents, and hews closely to their meaning will help ensure that all Americans can continue to prosper and that we, as Catholics, remain free in exercising our religious principles.” Policy Advisor, Grazie Christie

“The confirmation of Judge Gorsuch as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice is a welcome moment for the American people, who have been looking for a fair-minded constitutionalist such as he to replace the late Justice Scalia. Judge Gorsuch is one of the most qualified judges to ever be nominated to the Court. The Senators who persisted against the partisan minority that tried to block his confirmation deserve praise for listening to the American people, who from the get-go made it clear they wanted Judge Gorsuch confirmed. As Catholics, we welcome the confirmation of a judge whose record adheres to the Constitutional right to free exercise of religion without government bullying and whose scholarship affirms the inherent dignity in all people.” Senior Fellow, Ashley McGuire

“In recent years, people of faith have seen an alarming erosion of their First Amendment right to practice their faith without discrimination, and today’s confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court comes just in time.  Oral arguments in a key religious liberty case,  Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley, will be heard on April 19.  The case involves a state program designed to make playgrounds safe, except if that playground is at a faith-based school.  Despite unprecedented obstructionism and manufactured claims of a “60 vote” standard for Supreme Court nominees, Senate Republicans have restored the true tradition of confirming justices without filibusters and the hyper-partisanship of recent years.  One in five voters cited the Supreme Court as the most important issue to them in the election, and they broke strongly for President Trump because of his clear commitment to appoint judges who would fairly interpret the Constitution, rather than legislate from the bench according to their own ideology.” Senior Policy Advisor, Maureen Ferguson