We applaud the confirmation of Dr. Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.  How refreshing to have as Secretary a doctor with expertise in the health care system who has respect for the sanctity of every human life and for the contribution of faith-based health care institutions in caring for those most in need.   We look forward to conscience protections for those on the front lines caring for the least among us, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing homes, who are still operating under the threat of crippling government fines emanating from the Affordable Care Act. Senior Policy Advisor, Maureen Ferguson


Dr. Price’s confirmation is a welcome change after eight years of policies targeting faith-based healthcare like the Catholic hospital system and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Dr. Price has made it clear that health policy in this country should cherish, not destroy, the lives of the weak, the disabled, the poor, and the vulnerable. He has also been outspoken against regulations that punish faith-based healthcare providers for their beliefs. We look forward to seeing conscience rights and respect for all lives restored under his tenure. Senior Fellow, Ashley McGuire


Physicians, like me, who have had to navigate the seemingly endless negative side-effects of the Affordable Health Care Act on our patients and small practices, applaud the confirmation of Dr. Price as Secretary of HHS.  He has shown he understands how the federal government can instead make it easier for Americans to access our excellent health care system, proposing rules such as allowing insurers to sell policies across state lines, and tax credits for people to buy insurance if they don’t have access through an employer.  His strong pro-life record also reassures the American public that HHS under President Trump will abandon its aggressive abortion agenda and its animus against religious employers like the Little Sisters of the Poor–who object to being forced to provide abortion pills through their insurance plans.” Senior Policy Advisor, Dr. Grazie Christie