If made law, the PainCapable Unborn Child Protection Act, passed today by the House of Representatives, will bring federal law into line with public opinion, which is strongly against late-term abortion. As Cardinal Dolan said in a recent letter to the House: “the proposed ban on abortion at 20 weeks after fertilization is a place to begin uniting Americans who see themselves as “pro-life” and as “pro-choice”.  The law would also move the focus of whether  the life of a fetus is worthy of legal protection away from viability, which is only a constantly changing prediction, and toward the humane desire to avoid causing pain to a defenseless creature.” Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie

“The House’s vote today to pass the PainCapable Unborn Child Protection Act reflects Americans’ overwhelming unity in their opposition to late-term abortion. Gallup has repeatedly called opposition to late-term abortion “common ground” between pro-lifers and pro-choicers. This bill offers a commonsense opportunity to establish legal protections for women and children where Americans can agree.” Ashley McGuire

The House has voted to put an end to late term abortions in recognition that an unborn child at that stage is capable of feeling pain.  The abortion industry has fought this common sense, bipartisan bill in no small part because of one simple fact:  Profits are large for organs harvested from babies aborted at 20 weeks and beyond.  Greed cannot justify cruelty.  Pain-for-profit should never be allowed.” Andrea Picciotti-Bayer