May 18, 2018
“Americans don’t want their hard-earned tax dollars paying for abortions, a fact polling consistently confirms. In redirecting Title X funding to nonviolent women’s health centers, the government ensures that the needs of low income women will continue to be served without lining the pockets of corporate abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.” Ashley McGuire is a Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association. 
“Redirecting Title X funds, meant to provide family planning services to low income women, away from organizations that perform or refer for abortions, is sure to please taxpayers on both sides of the aisle.  Americans are well aware that the $50-60 million pouring into Planned Parenthood annually through Title X grants are subsidizing its main business, abortion, and a majority don’t want their hard-earned money used to pay for abortions or to prop up a rich corporation’s already healthy bottom line. Federally funded Community Health Centers, which deliver all sorts of needed services to socioeconomically disadvantaged women (including mammograms and prenatal care) are the appropriate recipients of these funds.” Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie is a Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association. 
“Today’s new Title X regulations that bar the abortion providers, most notably Planned Parenthood, from dipping into Title X family planning funds restores the program to its intended purpose: family planning for low income women. Abortion has never been part of America’s definition of healthcare and millions of American women and their families will benefit when these public funds are redirected to comprehensive community healthcare centers. Planned Parenthood’s smoke and mirror accounting has been allowed to divert the 50-60 million dollars it receives yearly in taxpayer funds away from authentic healthcare for low income women for far too long.” Andrea Picciotti-Bayer is Legal Advisor for The Catholic Association Foundation. 
 “Most Americans recoil from the idea of abortion as a method of birth control, yet the government continues to include abortion centers in its contraceptive funding programs.  Title X’s purpose is to fund contraception, so we applaud the Administration’s steps to disentangle the abortion industry from this program.  To paraphrase Mark Twain, the difference between contraception and abortion is like the difference between the lightning bug and lightning.” Maureen Malloy Ferguson is the Senior Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association.