“Today’s win is a significant victory for fairness and government neutrality towards religious institutions, confirming that children at a Lutheran preschool should have the same access to safe playgrounds as children at a non-religious school. Chief Justice Roberts called the exclusion of Trinity Lutheran from this government program ‘odious to the Constitution.’ The Supreme Court is signaling in this decision that the government must stop its growing hostility towards religion and religious institutions, and that antiquated and anti-Catholic Blaine Amendments should not be used as a weapon to discriminate against people of faith.”   Maureen Ferguson, Senior Policy Advisor with The Catholic Association

“Today’s decision in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer rings the death knell for anti-Catholic Blaine Amendments. For over a century, Blaine Amendments have enshrined into law discrimination against faith-based charities and schools that form an essential part of American society. In this case, a state Blaine Amendment was used to justify blacklisting a Christian elementary school from a playground safety program solely on religious grounds. Blaine Amendments are anti-Catholic in their origin, and getting rid of them is more than a century overdue. Today’s decision demands a more fair and inclusive approach to government programs meant to serve all people.”  Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association

“The Supreme Court’s Trinity Lutheran decision strikes a long-overdue blow against state Blaine amendments which were born in anti-Catholic bigotry and have been used to discriminate against people of all faiths.  America’s beacon of liberty shines brighter today and our communities will be stronger for it.  Like the Missouri law at issue in Trinity Lutheran, 36 other states have Blaine amendments that deny state funds to groups simply because their good work is done as part of their faith community.  Americans of all creeds live our faith not just where we worship but by serving our neighbors at soup kitchens, rehab programs, crisis pregnancy centers and even (like the petitioners in Trinity Lutheran) preschools with outdoor playgrounds. Today’s decision recognizes the important contributions made in America by faith-based groups.”  – Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, Legal Advisor with The Catholic Association

“The Supreme Court in its decision today has effectively directed the government to stop discriminating against people of faith who join together to do good through their ministries and civic associations. This is a great win for all Americans, since our rich and vibrant society is in many ways a product of our religious institutions, which educate children, enrich the culture, assist the poor and immigrant and care for the sick. The justices indicated that excluding schools like Trinity Lutheran from government grants meant to enhance the lives of all children is a simple act of discrimination, and unworthy of our great country.” – Dr. Grazie Christie, Policy Advisor with The Catholic Association