In an article published by USA Today, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson addresses Biden’s blessing to the radical abortion law. She writes:

“The images from Ukraine cut us to the core. Mothers terrified, clinging to their babies. Homes destroyed. Playgrounds bombed. Pictures like these do not require explanation – just action.

Yet, astonishingly, the first vote the U.S. Senate took after Vladimir Putin launched his war proposed neither economic sanctions against Russia nor humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Rather, the Senate’s first order of business was a vote on the most radical abortion legislation ever introduced in Congress.

The Women’s Health Protection Act would have enshrined in federal law, for the first time, an absolute right to abortion – for any reason or no reason – up to the moment of birth.

It would invalidate every law in the country that protects unborn children, even popular measures like parental consent and conscience protections for doctors and nurses who do not wish to be involved in abortion procedures. Perhaps worst of all, it would remove limits on late-term abortion, and require all states to allow abortion even after the point at which unborn children can feel pain.

Thankfully, this bill was defeated on a procedural vote.

And yet, President Joe Biden not only endorsed this legislation, he also set aside time in his State of the Union address – a speech that began with a passionate condemnation of Putin’s killing of the innocent – to defend abortion on demand.

The news media rarely admit it, but Roe is more extreme than all but a handful of abortion laws in the world. Roe allows abortions even in the third trimester for broadly defined “health” reasons, including emotional and familial health.

No nationwide majority would ever support such extremism. In a post-Roe America, however, states would be free to adopt more restrictive or permissive laws, reflecting their constituencies. And hopefully, in that future, states will reform policies to better support mothers, fathers and children from conception to birth and from birth onward. Texas is already leading in this regard, appropriating $100 million over two years in its Alternatives to Abortion program.

Violence against the innocent is wrong, everywhere at every time, whether inflicted by aggressive dictators or abortion doctors. The same human dignity that makes abortion so heartbreaking also endows us, as citizens in a democracy, the right to decide for ourselves how abortion will be regulated in our laws.

Overturning Roe will give us back our voices to speak up for the voiceless, and the space to build a culture of life for mothers and children in need.”

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