Hillary Clinton has promised to appoint extreme liberals to the Supreme Court. We take her at her word. The next president will fill the current vacancy and possibly one or two more. A single Clinton appointment will mean a liberal-dominated Supreme Court that lasts far longer than her presidency. The Constitution and the Rule of Law are at stake in this election.

The liberal court agenda has been made very clear. Just a few items include:

  • Tax-payer funding of abortion
  • Religious freedom restricted
  • People of faith silenced
  • The conscience rights of teachers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and counselors taken away
  • Faith-based hospitals, schools, and charities continually threatened with government harassment, fines, and lawsuits for refusal to violate core religious beliefs.

Giving Hillary Clinton the power to stack the Court with even more liberal justices would mean an extreme ideology imposed on all of us, for our generation and for our children’s generation.