In an article published by the National Review, TCA’s Ashley McGuire and Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie call for the Supreme Court to end state-level discrimination against funding for faith based schools. In their article titled, “It’s Time to Remove This Trace of Anti-Catholic Bigotry from Our Laws,” they write: 

“The Supreme Court may soon have a chance to strike down Michigan’s prohibition of public funding for nongovernment schools.

Blaine Amendments are bigoted laws that bar public funding for religious institutions, schools especially, and they are still on the books in many states. They trace their roots to the anti-Catholicism that swept the nation in the late 1800s. Facing an influx of Irish Catholic immigrants, politicians tried to amend the US Constitution to prohibit direct aid from the government to Catholic parochial schools that were created as an alternative to the then-explicitly Protestant public schools.

The Blaine Amendments failed at the federal level. So many states took their own go at a “mini Blaine,” or a state-level version, to achieve the same aim. Thirty seven states succeeded. Fast forward more than 100 years later: the US Supreme Court has examined many of these state amendments, holding that they discriminate against not only Catholic schools but all faith based schools.

….Michigan’s Blaine amendment was hardly neutral, and more than 50 years later, the utter and complete confusion continues and cuts religious parents out of the taxpayer benefits afforded to secular parents in deciding how to best educate their children. It’s the worst kind of discrimination, in that it is cloaked in the language of impartiality…”

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