In an article published by RealClearPolitics, TCA’s Ashley McGuire writes an article titled “AP Takes Sides in the Fight Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers“. She writes:

The Associated Press’ decision to call pregnancy resource centers “anti-abortion centers” in its style guide is just the latest politically motivated shot at pro-lifers. This one is rhetorical, of course, and language isn’t violence.

But in a culture rife with political violence, the language isn’t irrelevant. The AP, of all entities, should know this.

Since the fall of Roe v. Wade last June, more than 80 pregnancy centers have been attacked or vandalized, some of them firebombed or torched, others painted over with death threats. If you include churches that have been attacked, that number is well over 200. Never mind the attempt on a Supreme Court justice’s life.

Calling pregnancy centers, many of which have names that are in no way identified with abortion or the politics surrounding it, “anti-abortion,” jeopardizes the vulnerable women that turn to them for help by dragging them into the political spotlight and straight into the line of sight of violent anti-abortion extremists.

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