It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has defined itself with its anti-Catholic bullying, and with the recent announcement of Kamala Harris running as VP under Joe Biden, it seems like this sentiment will only grow stronger.
As TCA’s Ashley McGuire has stated, Kamala Harris has become the ringleader of the anti-Catholic bullying stance adopted by the Democratic Party. This is evidenced by the fact that Harris, along with Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono, is on record as demanding the disqualification of Brian C. Buescher from the nominees for U.S. District Court because of the fact that he’s a member of the Catholic charity organization, the Knights of Colombus.
McGuire further states that Harris has built her career on a platform of opposing the work and values of Catholic organizations, such as her prosecution of a whistleblower who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby parts, or her support of various efforts to violate the beliefs of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
With Harris now joining the race to become the next Vice President of the United States, Catholics are (rightfully) concerned about what the future of the country has in store, and whether the anti-Catholic sentiments will only get worse.

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