In an article published by The Washington Times, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie writes an article titled “Democrats fail to condemn pregnancy center violence”. She writes:

I didn’t know what to expect at the historic 50th annual March for Life. As someone who has regularly joined the throngs of people who have marched each year in Washington since the Supreme Court invented a constitutional right to abortion in 1973, I feared the crowds and enthusiasm might fizzle in a post-Roe world. But my fears were entirely unfounded.

The usual young and joyful crowds were there in force, blanketing the Mall, streaming toward the Capitol like a human river. One recurrent theme in the speeches and banners that animated the occasion was highlighting the vital work of pro-life pregnancy care centers — the compassionate outreach arm of the pro-life movement.

Shortly after the May 2022 Supreme Court leak in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an angry pro-abortion fringe group turned its sights on these centers. These charitable organizations, which provide support and tangible assistance to pregnant women who want to give birth, have been firebombed and vandalized after publication of a pro-abortion manifesto declaring “open season” on them.

I am a radiologist and medical director of facilities for the Archdiocese of Miami, where we do this charitable work. As a volunteer, I also read our facilities’ fetal ultrasounds. Last May, one of our pregnancy care centers was vandalized with spray-painted threats of violence. We were all scared, and even more so when we found out that ours was just one of more than 79 documented recent threats and attacks targeting centers like ours.

House Democrats recently had a chance to condemn this political violence but, almost to a person, they refused. Nor did we hear a peep from President Biden. Volunteers like me and the good-hearted employees who work at the nation’s pregnancy resource centers today labor with the added burden of a target on our backs. We are (mostly) women and men who know that it is hard to bring a baby into this world when the economic and social chips are stacked against you. Our work is to provide material and emotional assistance for women and couples who choose to welcome their babies into the world.

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