In an article published by Florida’s Voice, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie unveils how careless language in Florida’s proposed abortion Amendment 4 will endanger the lives of vulnerable women and girls and remove crucial safety regulations to protect them from malpractice and negligence. In her article titled, Amendment 4 forgets the safety of Florida women and girls in one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives,” she writes:


“Florida’s voters will have several big decisions to make come November…This state constitutional amendment would effectively legalize abortion through birth.

The amendment achieves this extreme position through its broad language, which leaves the terms “viability,” “patient’s health” and “healthcare provider” undefined and wide open to interpretation.

…In the event that Amendment 4 passes in Florida, the state will be in the unenviable company of China, where no unborn child of any age is protected from elective termination. 

But unborn children would not be the only victims of Amendment 4’s deliberately undefined language. The resulting unregulated abortion regime would pose grave risks for pregnant women and girls across the state.

Ensuring that an abortion facility in which complicated late term surgical abortions are performed be regulated as extensively as a colonoscopy center would be outlawed. It would also be impossible to require that their abortionists have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital…Yet such common-sense facility regulations are crucial for the protection of patients.  

…Forget requiring hospital privileges that weed out dangerous physicians….Forget requiring that only qualified physicians perform abortions. Forget requiring that doorways be wide enough to admit a wheeled stretcher carrying a hemorrhaging woman on her way to the ambulance…”


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