In an article published by the National Catholic Register, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie highlights the important role of sanctuary homes for expectant mothers in crisis, and how these homes not only provide life affirming options, but also address underlying issues that lead women to feel trapped into abortion as their only alternative. In her article titled, “Hearts for Life: A New Sanctuary for Expectant Mothers in Crisis,” she writes:

“Malena Muñoz answered a recent call from the social services agency with her usual alacrity. Not two hours after receiving the information about an expectant mother of two who had been evicted from her rented room, Munoz met with the young woman herself. The heavily pregnant, visibly distressed mother opened the back of a beat-up van and showed Malena the old mattress she had placed there. Her plan was to sleep in the van with her toddlers in the suffocating heat of a Miami summer night, maybe in the parking lot of the nearby Walmart. 

Malena’s heart broke, but that didn’t stop her from swinging quickly into action. By nightfall, the pregnant woman and her toddlers were safely ensconced in Lotus House, a comfortable shelter for women and children. Two weeks later, the baby was born safely in a local hospital, and a whole web of social services had been activated to keep the little family off the streets and on a path to a better future.

…Malena and Narciso…are acutely aware that what Pope Francis calls our “throw-away culture” manifests itself in the people — our brothers and sisters — sheltering under overpasses and cardboard boxes in all of our great cities. However, they feel the greatest injury to human dignity occurring each day is the abortion of thousands of little boys and girls whose only offense was being conceived under difficult circumstances.

…Narciso and Malena’s overriding goal is to see that expectant mothers will find life-affirming options at Hearts for Life. They know from long experience that the default suggestion at most shelters that take pregnant women in crisis tends to be abortion. The idea is that erasing the child somehow erases the main problem…Narciso and Malena know this to be a lie.”

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