In an article published by the National Review, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie calls out the Biden administration’s deceptive attempt to use EMTALA as a weapon for expanding abortion in her article titled, “The Supreme Court Must Stop Biden from Using a Pro-Life Law to Promote Abortion.” She writes:

“The Supreme Court will soon hear a case about a federal law…the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). The 1986 law was designed to save patients, especially laboring mothers and their unborn babies, from being turned away from the emergency rooms of private hospitals because they were uninsured or indigent.”

“Its impact was huge. Before that law, uninsured, indigent mothers who showed up at their local private hospital in active labor were often turned away at the door…EMTALA changed all that. The law mandates that the staff of a hospital emergency room must evaluate any patient who arrives at their door and determine whether an emergency condition exists. If it does, the hospital’s doctors must stabilize the patient, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.”

“Today the Biden administration is seeking to use EMTALA to override pro-life laws in some 20 states and mandate abortion in emergency rooms across the country…Emergency treatment of a mother and her unborn child is altogether different from elective abortion.”

Read more of Dr. Christie’s Article here.