In an article published by the National Catholic Register, TCA’s Leigh Fitzpatrick Snead offers words of encouragement to women facing Mother’s Day while battling infertility. In her article titled, “Mother’s Day, Fruitful Femininity and Infertility” she writes:

My dear husband and I have been married for almost 26 years and I’ve never once been pregnant, and not for lack of trying. I’m assured in my “Infertile Woman” bona fides. However, my vocation to motherhood was in time realized through the adoptions of my four sons. 

It’s hard to feel fruitful while experiencing infertility. Everywhere you look there seems to be a reminder that you somehow might be falling short of the very things your femininity was designed for, the things that we think define it, define us.

While children are perhaps the most obvious fruits of marriage…their absence does not make a marriage any less fruitful in God’s eyes. For example, the witness you and your husband provide the world through your steadfast faith and abiding love of Christ and his Church while carrying the cross of infertility bears a cornucopia of spiritual fruits that can inspire the faithfulness of others feeling the weight of their own crosses. 

The day you and your husband say “I do” you are a family. A complete family. Your family may grow with children, and what a blessing they are. But sometimes children do not come. The love you share within your marriage, the life you live together every day trying to help the other get to Heaven, and the gifts your family brings to the world through your friendship, prayers, and hospitality are such good and holy fruits.

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