In an article published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Maureen Ferguson shares how Senator Casey abandoned his pro-life roots. She writes:

“This week, the United States Senate returned to Washington amid mounting crises at home and abroad: war, inflation, a violent crime wave and the lingering damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. And yet the Senate’s first order of business did not address any of them. Instead, the Democratic majority took up the most extreme, undemocratic abortion bill ever introduced in Congress.

The move was a textbook case of the Democratic Party’s transformation from a blue-collar coalition made strong by defending the weak to its new identity as an engine of elite, woke extremism. And it was another chapter in the sad, parallel descent of Pennsylvania’s Sen. Bob Casey Jr. from a principled defender of the unborn to a believer in abortion as a sacred right.

This kind of partisan extremism may be shocking to the millions of Americans who, like Sen. Casey’s father, are proudly pro-life, culturally conservative Democrats. But it is no longer surprising.

Mr. Casey’s flip-flopping abandonment of the unborn may dishonor his father’s legacy and stain his own. It may cost Democrats their moral inheritance as the party of ‘the little guy.’ It will almost certainly contribute to Democrats’ electoral loses this November. But better that, he has concluded, than risk Planned Parenthood or any woke special interest ever being ‘v. Casey’ again.”

You can read more of Maureen’s article here.