In an article published by RealClearPolicy, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson writes an article titled “Biden’s Top 10 Falsehoods on Abortion” She writes:

On the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade, President Biden issued a proclamation parroting the abortion lobby’s disinformation surrounding the Dobbs case.

Let’s examine the Top Ten Falsehoods:

First: Thousands of women will die without access to abortion.

Earning “Four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post fact-checker, this claim is as false today as when it was manufactured pre-Roe. It is based on flimsy data from the early 1900’s, predating antibiotics and modern contraception.

Every pro-life law ever enacted contains a life-of-the-mother exception. Pro-lifers treasure the lives of both mother and child, and pro-life laws provide exceptions for medical emergencies.

Finally, if anyone is endangering women’s lives, it is the abortion industry with its relentless push for largely unregulated mail-order abortion pills for women and girls to take at home by themselves.

Two: Women will die from ectopic pregnancy.

This is the same as Lie Number One – and equally false.

Ectopic pregnancies are textbook examples of what life-of-the-mother provisions in pro-life laws contemplate. However tragic, they are nonetheless navigated by parents and physicians every day. Care necessary to save mothers’ lives is morally uncontroversial – and no pro-life legislation will change that.

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