In an article published by National Catholic Register, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson recommends Tim Carney’s new book Family Unfriendly, which describes how the American system has “failed parents who want to have kids and raise them well” in her article titled, “‘Family Unfriendly’: American Culture Is Failing Parents — Here Are Some Cures.” She writes:

Car seats as contraception? In an academic article published in 2020, researchers found that American car-seat regulations work as a form of contraception. Yes, you read that right. The researchers found that U.S. laws raising the age at which kids must ride in a car seat have made it significantly harder for some families to have a third child, since your typical car can only fit two car seats in the back. Car-seat mandates, the researchers concluded, have led to 145,000 fewer births since 1980.

This study is just one phenomenon explored in journalist Tim Carney’s new book, Family Unfriendly. Carney sets out to explain how American law and culture have failed parents who want to have kids and raise them well. The long and short of it, as many parents already know: “American culture is a suboptimal habitat for the human family.”

Diagnosing problems is one thing; finding the cure is another. Family Unfriendly does both. With chapter titles like “Leave Your Kids Alone” and “Have Lower Ambitions for Your Kids,” Carney has plenty of practical advice for parents and policymakers alike. His analysis and advice are backed by data (for those who enjoy detailed footnotes) and common sense.

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