In an article published by The Slate Group, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson comments in Molly Olmstead and Christina Cauterucci’s article titled “The First Post-Roe March for Life Was Euphoric—and a Little Confused.”:

Polling consistently shows that most Americans—including most Catholics—support legal abortion in most or all cases. And many pundits have blamed the failure of a “red wave” to materialize in the midterms squarely on Dobbs.

In other words, the overturning of Roe may have created unexpected repercussions—and left the movement scrambling to figure out why it isn’t in the place it hoped to be.

At the more practical and sedate Capitol Hill 101 session on Thursday, the court of public opinion was framed as the “abortion lobby” —an entity whose influence was rationalized as remaining exceptionally powerful. “We are being outspent,” said Maureen Ferguson, a senior fellow at the Catholic Association. “You saw what that did in November.”

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