In a May 8th news feed release, the Catholic Vote announces the arrival of a new video series, In A Pro-Life Minute,” presented by TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie and husband, Dr. Steven Christie. Together the team looks at the abortion topic one argument at a time, offering succinct answers to address common pro-abortion claims. The announcement titled, “The Catholic Association Launches Video Series ‘In a Pro-Life Minute,’ shares:

The Catholic Association has launched a pro-life evangelization video series, called “In a Pro-Life Minute.”

Drs. Grazie Pozo Christie and Steven A. Christie are a husband and wife team who are both nationally renowned for their medical and pro-life work. In the video series, they provide short and concise answers to commonly-used pro-abortion arguments. 

Each video is exactly one minute long. So far, the Drs. Christie have addressed pro-life and pro-abortion issues and arguments, including viability, fetal consciousness, religion, life of the mother, women’s empowerment, abortion in the cases of rape and incest, and more.

The Catholic Association stated in a news release that the series allows pro-lifers to be “armed with the facts.”


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