The Church



Just days after his election, Pope Francis said to a gathering of representatives from various faiths:

We know how much violence has been provoked in recent history by the attempt to eliminate God and the divine from the horizon of humanity, and we feel the need to witness in our societies the original openness to transcendence that is inherent in the human heart.

The Church has long been a powerful force for good in society, introducing new and transformative approaches to healthcare, education, and service for the poor and marginalized. The Catholic calling to serve all people is the impetus behind the Church’s countless hospitals, inner-city schools, universities, immigration services, anti-poverty programs, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters that serve millions upon millions of needy people in this country every year.

In the United States, the Catholic Church is the largest non-governmental provider of education, healthcare, and charitable services for the poor. Globally, the Church is also leading the fight against modern evils like human slavery and abortion.

Pope Francis has called for the Church today to be like a “field hospital” and has called each of us to go out and witness the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
Underpinning all of the Church’s teaching are notions love, mercy, human dignity. Our Bishops and the Holy Father live out those teachings boldly, even against the strongest cultural tides. When those teachings come under attack, TCA is proud to defend the Church and all that she stands for. We feel the need to witness in our society the transformative power of the Gospel and the role the Church plays in bringing hope and joy to the world.


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