The women of TCA are very engaged in the most important abortion case to come before the Supreme Court in decades, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. In addition to filing an amicus brief before the Court arguing that abortion laws need to catch up with the science, our policy experts have written countless articles and been interviewed on many radio shows across the country making the case for life.

In her article for Angelus News, “The coming abortion showdown,” doctor and policy advisor Grazie Christie writes, “In a post-Roe America, compassionate protections and protective regulations could bloom once again.” Dr. Christie writes that the country is ready for “softening the arid landscape of a country bearing the scars of nearly five decades of legal abortion.”

In another article for National Review, Dr. Christie writes, “A lot has changed since Roe put America in the same class with North Korea and China by legalizing second- and third-trimester elective abortion.”

“The undeniable and ever-more plainly visible humanity of the unborn child has since increased our sensitivity to these vulnerable persons’ moral claims on our compassion and respect. Advances in fetal science have made plain just how barbaric and unethical their terminations are.”

The National Catholic Register highlighted TCA’s amicus brief in Dobbs, which Dr. Christie co-authored alongside other female doctors calling for medicine that respects the inherent dignity and scientific reality of unborn human life. The brief utilized revolutionary ultrasound images to emphasize the humanity of unborn children.

Senior Fellow Ashley McGuire turned to Hollywood to make the case that abortion harms and objectifies women. She responded to actress Uma Thurman’s pro-choice article arguing that abortion helped her to “grow up” after a much older man “accidentally impregnated” her as a teenager.

Ashley was quoted responding, “Usually when a “much older man” “accidentally impregnates” a minor we call it “statutory rape.” Thurman’s story both helps to normalize statutory rape and provides glossy Hollywood cover for men that use and abuse women for sex because they have abortion as an out.”

Ashley further linked Hollywood and the abortion industry in her article, “R. Kelly Verdict Spotlights Entertainment World-Abortion Link,” published in Real Clear Politics.

Hollywood has tried extra hard to give abortion a fresh and glossy look,” McGuire writes. “Think Michelle Williams in a cute orange one-shoulder dress at the Golden Globes trying to convince us that women still need abortion to succeed.”

Despite abortion’s glossy Hollywood veneer, Ashley noted that it’s deeply tied to Hollywood’s culture of sexual abuse.

“In reality,” she wrote, “nearly 50 years of Roe v. Wade in Hollywood actually looks like a sweaty Harvey Weinstein in an orange jumpsuit. The patriarchs of Hollywood have championed abortion because it has been an essential tool for them to use and abuse women…”

Senior Fellow Maureen Ferguson highlighted the Sisters of Life, women who are proactively working to bring about a culture of life. The National Catholic Register quoted Maureen’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in which she praised their work on behalf of vulnerable women and children and said, “We all need to step up for mothers in need.”