The women of the Catholic Association spoke boldly for the unborn as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the most important abortion case to come before the Court in decades.

Writing for Newsweek, Policy Advisor Dr. Grazie Christie argued that elective abortion undermines the legitimacy of the medical practice and doctors’ roles as healers by forcing them harm their most vulnerable patients.

“In Hippocratic medicine, our role as physicians is to serve every patient according to our best medical judgement, promoting his or her health and well-being to the best of our ability,” Grazie wrote. “We must do no harm to a patient, no matter their status or societal ‘worth.'”

She argued that Roe v. Wade established “the hideous idea that a person can be at once a valuable patient, the object of all our care and skill, and the victim of a purposeful killing. This double-minded thinking has seeped into our medical schools and our professional associations; it has infiltrated the sacred space between patient and doctor, where nothing but trust should abide.”

Other outlets including National Review and the American Spectator also featured Grazie’s argument that it’s time for our abortion laws to reflect what science and medicine tell us about the humanity of the unborn. Scholars and writers continue to cite her amicus brief for the Supreme Court, along with her articles and statements about her experience as a pro-life radiologist.