By Ashley McGuire

I have spent today’s “Day Without A Woman” barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, baking cookies for my breadwinner husband and my two children.

That may sound like a joke, but it’s not. That’s just my way of protesting a movement that claims to represent all women, when in fact it purposefully excludes millions of us.

There is the fact that the organizers of first the Women’s March and now this one have stated plainly that being pro-choice is a foundational brick in their platform. When they discovered that the New Wave Feminists, a young and secular organization of women, held pro-life views, they were dropped as a March partner and anti-abortion women were uninvited from participating. In other words, adherence to abortion rights mattered more to them than resisting what they viewed as attacks on women. Alienating the roughly half of American women who identify as anti-abortion didn’t seem to matter.

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