By Andrea Piccioti-Bayer

In the past several weeks Americans have faced a seemingly endless government shut down, polar temperatures across much of the country and a full-blown attack on manhood. While each is disconcerting, the assault on manhood is by far the most dangerous.

It was, of course only a matter of time before all men would be likened to the brutes whose harassment and abuse triggered the #metoo movement. Before we get even more carried away with ourselves, it is worth noting that most men are not toxic. Far from it.

Gillette’s recent “Toxic masculinity” commercial can easily lead to such a perilous conclusion.  There are plenty of uplifting moments during the ad’s one minute and 48 seconds that show men acting at their best. These images – fathers tending to their children, friends giving a needed correction to a friend, stand-up guys using their influence to encourage others – belie the spot’s judgy hectoring on “toxic masculinity.”  In fact, a recent ad for Egard watches provides a necessary antidote for any American made sick by Gillette’s toxic messaging. It’s worth, shall we say, a watch.

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