By Grazie Pozo Christie

Promoted as a call to action for all women, this weekend’s Women’s Convention has a narrow, exclusionary platform which turns what should be a “big tent” into a tiny umbrella, separating women into camps and pitting them against each other. Instead of a unified American sisterhood powerfully working together to promote justice and the common good, we have an event where Republican women and pro-life women (or just middle-of-the-road pro-choice women) are unwelcome and unwanted. That’s a lot of women to leave out in the rain.


The convention’s schedule of events, as detailed on its website, makes it quite clear that this “inclusive” event is only meant for women who vote Democratic. The last presidential election went to a Republican, and the House and Senate both have Republican majorities. Across the country, governorships and houses of legislature are dominated by Republicans. Like men, women vote according to their values and needs, and they are voting Republican, both locally and nationally.

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