By Grazie Pozo Christie and Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

The Supreme Court announced last week that it will consider whether the state of California can force pro-life, faith-inspired crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion. Rather than supporting and promoting these “neighbor-helping-neighbor” efforts, pro-choice activists would like crisis pregnancy centers closed, or at least their energies hijacked to promote abortion instead.

Americans respond generously and without fanfare to their neighbors’ sudden needs and crises. One crisis that exists across the country each day is the challenge of unexpected pregnancy. The solution most commonly offered is abortion. Every year, state and local governments channel half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood which in turn performs about half of all surgical abortions in the U.S. and over 80 percent of nonsurgical abortions. While abortion is sold as a quick and easy fix, for many women, it is not the solution they seek. What they want instead is to welcome their child into the world.

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