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Leigh Fitzpatrick Snead is a Fellow for The Catholic Association and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Conversations with Consequences. She is a writer, editor, speaker and mother of four whose work engages questions of popular culture, motherhood, family, and the Church. Her writing has been featured in various media outlets including National Catholic Register, Washington Times, Aleteia, altcatholica, Theology of Home, and Acculturated. She has been an invited speaker on topics such as adoption, family, and modern Catholic courtship at the University of Notre Dame’s Vita Institute, the Napa Institute, and the Catholic Women’s Forum. Prior to the arrival of her children, she worked on the staffs of United States Senator Robert C. Byrd, and for New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

She undertook doctoral studies as a John Quasten Fellow at The Catholic University of America in The School of Philosophy, and received her Bachelor of Arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. Leigh recently served as Fashion and Travel Editor at Theology of Home (formerly Helena Daily). She serves on the Executive Board of Human Life Action, a project of National Committee for a Human Life Amendment. Leigh lives with her husband and four sons in Granger, Indiana.


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