Maureen Ferguson

  • Maureen Ferguson

  • Senior Fellow

Maureen Ferguson is a Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Conversations with Consequences.  She is a frequent speaker and commentator on Catholic issues in the public square, particularly on the pro-life movement, religious freedom, and the family.

Maureen has been interviewed by NBC, CNN, FOX, EWTN, PBS, Politico, The Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News and World Report and numerous radio outlets across the country.  Her writings have been published in USA Today, The Hill, Newsweek, RealClearReligion,, National Review Online and many other publications.

Maureen has been invited to provide briefings to Congressional staff and has participated in news conferences on Capitol Hill.  She also traveled to Rome to cover the installation of Pope Francis in 2013.

She is on the Candidate Selection Committee for the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.  Previously, Maureen was the Congressional Liaison and spokeswoman for the National Right to Life Committee.


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