Who we are

The Catholic Association (TCA) is dedicated to being a faithful Catholic voice in the public square and the public arena. TCA is responding to the call of the Catholic Church for members of the lay faithful to apply Catholic teaching, wisdom, and principles to the issues of the day.

Partisan politics is what divides many Catholics — we want to focus on what unites faithful Catholics in order to build a powerful coalition to positively influence our world.

TCA engages on issues that are compellingly based on the Teaching of the Church and also serve as a uniting issue for faithful Catholics.

TCA defends our Catholic values wherever needed – and right now TCA is working fulltime to protect our God-given right – protected by the U.S. Constitution – to practice our faith free of government coercion and control.

TCA can’t do any of this without you. The reality is that in public life there is strength in numbers and the more citizens unite to speak with one voice the more we are able to accomplish.