As Covid-19 continues to spread, many local shops and public gathering spots across the United States are remaining closed due to being deemed as “non-essential.” In San Francisco particularly, all indoor social gatherings have been indefinitely postponed, including movie theaters, sports complexes, and even churches. However, as Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie recently stated in her article on the Catholic News Agency site, Mass is indeed an essential service, and should be open to the public.

While churches are prohibited from officially opening up, some officials have tried their hardest to convince local governments that they can abide by Covid restrictions and safely host Mass. These measures include cordoning off pews, prohibiting hand-shaking and singing, and enforcing the use of face-masks. As evidence suggests, churches elsewhere in the United States that have followed these guidelines have seen no outbreaks or apparent viral transmission. Unfortunately, San Francisco remains unwavering and refuses to allow gatherings for Mass to host more than 12 people, and only if they are outdoors.

Since the lockdown started, millions of people have been cut off from daily contact with others. This isolation and solitude only leads to depression, which can cause significant health problems down the road. For many, Church was the only way to connect with others, and now they’re being restricted from seeing their Catholic family. Those same people are also unable to receive the physical sacraments, resulting spiritual damage to their souls. One of the worst aspects of all this is the fact that funerals are now only permitted via virtual attendance, meaning people are unable to physically see their loved ones one last time before they are buried.

As Dr. Christie clearly proves, Mass is necessary for proper mental health, and considering Mass as “non-essential” is unnecessary, unfair, and potentially dangerous. Thankfully, devoted Church members are continuing their fight to open up the doors across the country so that people can continue their connection with each other, and with God.

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