Throughout most of his campaign, President-elect Joe Biden has been open about his religious beliefs in order to appeal to Catholic voters. However, TCA senior fellow Ashley McGuire has pointed out that it will be difficult to separate Biden’s perspective from Catholics from his overall liberalism when it comes to concepts like abortion and contraception. In fact, Biden recently appointed pro-abortion attorney general Xavier Becerra as his secretary of Health and Human Services, which many saw as a punch in the stomach to his devout Catholic supporters.

For those unaware, Becerra was responsible for such unconstitutional acts as forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to refer and advertise abortions. He also sued the Little Sisters of the Poor after they won their lawsuit to be granted an exception from an HHS mandate that said contraceptives should be covered under health insurance.

Biden’s role as the future President of the United States is currently not looking too good for Catholic supporters, and many groups are pessimistic about what the next few years will look like with him in command.

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