By Ann Corkery

In a city where friends are supposedly scarce, Kate O’Beirne was beloved by so many.

Kate died this past Sunday — Divine Mercy Sunday — surrounded by family and loved ones.  Kate would point out that there was no need to identify the date she was born. She was old-school like that, so I’ll respect it. What was more interesting anyway is how she lived, not how long. She was an important conservative thought leader and superb political commentator and an incredible wife, mother, friend. She jumped out of the frame the political left wants to construct for women of the right: Kate was cool and beautiful, smart and quick, conservative and elegant, wise and feminine, kind and thoughtful, faithful and fun. She could talk comfortably to everyone: intellectuals and political activists, politicians and priests, men and women, liberals and conservatives. She only put bullies and fools in their place. There was no Narcissus in her beauty.

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