As a young woman living in Washington, D.C., I could easily attend the Women’s March on Saturday if I wanted to. Except that I am not invited, because I am pro-life. As the organizers of the march made clear in a statement, the Women’s March’s on Washington “platform is pro-choice” and “has been since day one.”

The march might as well have renamed itself “The March for Abortion.” Then it would have cleared up any confusion about pretending to represent all women, when almost half of us self-identify as pro-life and would probably feel more at home at the March for Life, set to take place the following week. The March for Life is open to women of all political stripes and will include groups like Democrats for Life of America.

So while the Women’s March may proudly tout its anticipated 200,000 participants, organizers are stuck with the reality that their event is tainted by the same exclusivity and elitism that helped produce an electoral rebuke of those very values. If the organizers want to see a real force to be reckoned with, they should return to the National Mall a week later, when thousands and thousands of young people, a huge swath of them women, will be marching too.

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