In an article published by The Washington Examiner, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie wrote an article titled “Biden has put women at grave risk, but states can still protect them“. She writes:

While the Biden administration has been making hard lefts at every turn, the state of Florida under Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to sail straight ahead. This has been in education and immigration policy, and I am now watching it play out in terms of chemical abortion policy.

From my vantage point on the front lines of pregnancy care in Florida, and in my considered medical opinion, Florida law protects women, whereas recent attempts at federal deregulation expose them to grave medical risks.

Biden’s Food and Drug Administration recently deregulated the abortion drug mifepristone to the extent of allowing its prescription through telemedicine and dispensation of these drugs by pharmacies across state lines.

Chemical abortion is now, according to the CDC, the most common method of abortion in the U.S. The Biden administration is upset that the laws of many states, including Florida, still require these powerful drugs to be dispensed in person by a qualified physician. A presidential memorandum even directs the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security to find a way to force the states’ hands.

The FDA’s decision to deregulate abortion pills has come in response to political pressure from the abortion industry and attempts to make an end run around patient-protection laws in states like Florida. Our state laws require that abortions be performed by qualified physicians who have physically examined the patient, determined the location and age of the embryo or fetus, and who are responsible for appropriate follow-up in case of minor and major complications.

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