Conversations with Consequences
Ep. 118 Noelle Mering Talks 'Awake Not Woke' & Ashley McGuire on Dangers of Kids Wearing Masks

Dr. Grazie Christie and TCA co-host Leigh Snead talk with Noelle Mering of the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s Theology of Home project about the challenges facing parents and students in the wake of critical race theory and how best to combat this ‘woke ideology’ infiltrating schools across the country. TCA colleague and co-host Ashley McGuire also joins to discuss her recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, It’s 98 Degrees Out. Why Is My Child Wearing a Mask? We also talk with a young Cuban-American millenial Stephanie Almeida about the ongoing Cuban protests that have sparked government crackdown. Father Roger Landry also offers an inspiring homily to prepare us for this Sunday’s Gospel. Catch the show every Saturday at 7amET/5pmET on EWTN radio!