Conversations with Consequences
Ep. 153 TCA Team Talks 'Ask Your Husband' & Why is ACOG So Scared of the Truth?

With the book ‘Ask Your Husband’ causing quite an online stir, Dr. Grazie Christie chats with TCA colleagues Ashley McGuire and Leigh Snead about the beauty of complementarity and how the Blessed Mother exudes both the tenderness of the maternal and the passion of the paternal–especially as the world gathers to consecrate both Ukraine and Russia to her Immaculate Heart. With headlines this week of two organizations changing the rules on how we talk about the unborn and abortion, Dr. Donna Harrison of AAPLOG joins with her take on why there is such a fear in talking truth about what we know about life in the womb. Father Roger Landry also offers an inspiring homily to prepare us for this Sunday’s Gospel on the Prodigal Son. Catch the show every Saturday at 7amET/5pmET on EWTN radio!